March 13, 2020
2019 – An Extraordinary Year for Shorehill Capital

Two New Platforms

For a detailed look at our portfolio, click here. Please reach out to our Origination team (Rob Hogan and Robert Jackson) related to new investment opportunities.


Two New Add-on Acquisitions

For a detailed look at the investment criteria for our portfolio companies, click here.


Two New Team Members

In 2019 we continued to build a team of collaborative, drive and intelligent individuals.


– Conor McCarthy joins Shorehill as a Senior Associate after completing his MBA at UCLA. He previously served as an Investment Banking Analyst and Associate Director at UBS Securities.

– Dan Klawitter joins us as an Associate from Cleary Gull where he was an Investment Banking Analyst. Dan previously served as an Analyst at both Bridgewood Advisors and Briggs & Stratton.


For a full profile of the Shorehill team, click here.


Powerful Executive Advisor Network

– We have a team of 50 Executive Advisors with a significant breadth of experience across the industrial landscape.

– Shorehill Capital uses this network of advisors to enhance our investment origination efforts, enlighten our investment evaluation processes, and improve our effectiveness in driving investment management results at portfolio companies.

– We believe this team of leaders provides Shorehill with a unique perspective and enables us to bring domain-specific knowledge to the opportunities we evaluate and the investments we make.

– We will continue to expand the program to include other accomplished executives, and we invite you to reach out to Rob Hogan with introductions to potential Executive Advisors.



– We are proud to have been selected in 2019 by Inc. as one of the Top 50 Founder-Friendly Private Equity Firms

– Shorehill Capital is one of only five PE firms on the Inc. list that targets lower middle-market industrial opportunities with a fund size of less than $300 mm.



About Shorehill Capital LLC

Shorehill is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on making control equity investments in North American engineered industrial product, industrial service and value-added distribution companies with enterprise values up to $150 million. Shorehill seeks opportunities where its experience, network and investment management approach can have a significant impact on investment performance.  The Shorehill partners have a 30-year track record of helping middle market companies achieve increased growth and improved operational performance through a structured investment management plan.  For additional information, please visit


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