April 2, 2020
A Trusted Partner for Unprecedented Times

The Shorehill team hopes that you, your families, your colleagues and your business partners are all staying healthy during these truly trying times.  We offer our profound thanks to all those organizations and individuals who have stepped up to respond in the world’s time of need.


While this current crisis has rattled the markets and shaken confidence, the Shorehill team understands the serious challenges we face, and we have prioritized protecting employees and optimizing operations both at Shorehill and within our portfolio. In this respect, on March 16, 2020, Shorehill closed its office and asked everyone to work remotely.  Given our technology platform, we have adapted quickly and are focusing our time on supporting our portfolio company executives as they navigate this new reality in the safest, most effective means possible.  In addition, we continue to review new platform and add-on investment opportunities and have continued our dialogue with key investment referral, service and credit relationships.  We have held multiple virtual meetings with management teams related to prospective investments, and we look forward to continuing this type of engagement.


Shorehill invests in industrial businesses—engineered industrial products, industrial services, and value-added distribution—and we understand that many business owners and their advisors are considering their capital needs and near-term exit alternatives in this environment.  During this stressful time, we believe that Shorehill can be a solution that prioritizes experience, relationships and partnership.


Experience: Our team has spent decades investing alongside entrepreneurs and management teams in the industrial market. Over that time the Shorehill team has successfully invested over $1 billion across more than 100 transactions. Our experience working through the Great Recession (and other significant market disruptions) has helped us get in front of many issues and taught us to expect the unexpected.


Relationships:  We have an extensive network of operating executives and business advisors that has been cultivated over 30 years.  This network is an invaluable resource in extraordinary times.


Partnership: We aim to be true partners–delivering on promises, conducting ourselves with integrity, and treating our business partners with respect.  We back it up with significant personal commitments: our Shorehill team is the largest investor in the Shorehill fund.  Finally, Shorehill rejects the quick-flip philosophy—requiring a commitment of time and resources beyond the typical private equity profile.


These priorities make Shorehill a trusted partner for business owners, and we were recently included in Inc. magazine’s inaugural list of Top 50 Best Private Equity Firms for Entrepreneurs. This list, which appeared in the July/August 2019 issue, identifies private equity firms with a track record of successfully backing entrepreneurs.



Please consider Shorehill as an ideal partner under the various circumstances that you may be faced with today:


–   You or your client has made the decision to pursue a sale process for a business but the COVID-19 crisis has put those plans on hold

–   You or your client are in the early stages of exploring a potential exit and you want to engage with private equity investors in a “no strings attached” discussion to consider your alternatives

–   Your business or your client’s business is faced with a liquidity crunch and you want to resolve the situation before it becomes critical by finding a friendly, value-added ally to partner with for the long-term


Under any of these circumstances, we believe Shorehill Capital is the ideal partner to help guide your business through these troubled times and on to its next phase of development.  We will be a good steward of a business’ legacy and we pride ourselves on our shoulder-to-shoulder partnership with management teams. Please reach out to Rob Hogan or Robert Jackson to initiate a private conversation.


About Shorehill Capital LLC
Shorehill is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on making control equity investments in North American engineered industrial product, industrial service and value-added distribution companies with enterprise values up to $150 million. Shorehill seeks opportunities where its experience, network and investment management approach can have a significant impact on investment performance.  The Shorehill partners have a 30-year track record of helping middle market companies achieve increased growth and improved operational performance through a structured investment management plan.  For additional information, please visit

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