Specialized Focus

We know what it takes to grow and improve companies in engineered industrial products, industrial services and value-added distribution.

We have a proven approach that is anything but one-size-fits-all. We work with management teams and our executive advisors to implement customized investment strategies utilizing the best resources.

Investment Management Process

With nearly 30 years of experience, we bring the best practices and lessons learned over 100 investments to our partnerships.

Most financial buyers develop a 100-day plan when acquiring a company. They start implementing changes before truly understanding the dynamics that drive the business. Our 100-day plan? Working alongside management teams to better understand the key value drivers of the business and create a tailored strategy designed to accelerate growth, expand profitability and increase asset efficiency.

Our Approach

Our strategic goals are achieved through a proven and systematic framework that organizes our efforts around four key value drivers.

Human Capital

We start by focusing on the team. We like to know what motivates our partners and what they are passionate about both inside and outside the office. We work to create a culture of shared success and implement incentive plans that reward outstanding performance.

  • Optimize organizational structure

  • Enhance team performance through coaching

  • Structure long-term incentive programs

  • Recruit value-added outside directors

Performance Improvement

We help management teams get the most out of their company. We use our experience and network of advisors to help identify and define opportunities to implement lasting business process improvements.

  • Institute metric-based management philosophy and tools

  • Improve margins, working capital management and fixed asset utilization

  • Introduce third-party subject matter experts for defined projects

Strategic Growth

We collaborate to prioritize the most attractive growth opportunities and focus our collective resources on generating the best possible outcome.

  • Define growth strategy with metrics to assess execution

  • Prioritize opportunities based on value enhancement

  • Pursue multiple avenues for growth

  • Identify and complete strategic add-on acquisitions

Capital Markets

We consider ourselves experts in crafting the right capital structure to complement the strategic goals of the company while not overly burdening the business. Our companies can efficiently access the capital markets through the relationships we have built over nearly 30 years.

  • Manage capital structures to support business strategies

  • Position companies to maximize potential for valuation multiple expansion

  • Identify and evaluate exit alternatives

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