Tribus Aerospace LLC

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Investment Date: June 2017

Precision machining business focused on critical engine, motion control and flow control parts and assemblies primarily for the aerospace and defense industries

Tribus Aerospace is an aerospace and defense precision machining company, focused on supplying mission critical components in turbine engine, motion control and flow control applications.  Tribus Aerospace acquired Advanced Machining & Tooling (AM&T) in June 2017.  Located in San Diego, California, AM&T specializes in precision CNC machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and waterjet cutting.  In February 2018, Tribus Aerospace acquired Precision Aerospace Corp. (PAC) and Precision Micro Mill LLC (PMM).  PAC is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based manufacturer of complex parts and assemblies for a broad range of commercial aerospace and defense applications.  Products include hydraulic manifolds, port caps, mounting flanges, housings, rotor parts and assemblies used in hydraulic pumps, fuel systems, and transmissions.  PMM is a Wayland, Michigan-based captive contract manufacturer to PAC specializing in small volume, short lead time parts. Tribus Aerospace acquired Midwest Precision in March 2019. Midwest Precision (formerly Midwest Screw Products), specializes in precision manufacturing of complex components for aerospace, defense, energy and engineered products markets. Its Comptrol division is a leading manufacturer of tension measurement solutions, linear motion products, and connecting rod weight verification products.

Press Release:
Tribus Aerospace Corporation acquires Precision Aerospace Corporation and Precision Micro Mill LLC
Shorehill Capital Announces Formation of Tribus Aerospace LLC and Acquisition of Advanced Machining & Tooling, Inc.
Tribus Aerospace Acquires Midwest Precision

Add-Ons Completed:
Advanced Machining & Tooling – June 2017
Precision Aerospace Corp. – February 2018
Precision Micro Mill LLC – February 2018
Midwest Precision Holdings Inc. – March 2019

Seeking Add-Ons

Precision machining businesses primarily serving the aerospace and defense industries

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