July 20, 2017
Tribus Aerospace Adds Directors Scott Shedd and Simon Farhi and Accelerates Search for Additional Acquisitions

Tribus Aerospace LLC (“Tribus Aerospace”) is pleased to announce the addition of C. Scott Shedd and Simon Farhi to the Board as Co-Chairmen.  Mr. Shedd and Mr. Farhi will be responsible for acquisitions and business development.  They will also be involved in corporate strategy and other board-related activities.  Prior to joining Tribus Aerospace, Mr. Shedd and Mr. Farhi were members of the aerospace and defense mergers and acquisitions team at Seabury Capital LLC, a corporate advisory and investment banking services firm focused on aviation, aerospace, maritime and financial services sectors.


Shorehill Capital LLC (“Shorehill”) formed Tribus Aerospace in June 2017 to acquire Advanced Machining & Tooling, LLC (“AM&T”), a manufacturer of complex, precision machined parts and assemblies.  Shorehill Private Equity LP is the majority shareholder of Tribus Aerospace, which intends to acquire precision machining businesses focused on critical engine, motion control and flow control parts and assemblies primarily for the aerospace and defense industries.


“We are excited to partner with Shorehill to build Tribus Aerospace.  The market for aerospace turbine engine, motion control and flow control components is extremely fragmented.  We are looking forward to building Tribus Aerospace into an industry leader through acquisitions and organic growth,” said Mr. Shedd.


“Tribus Aerospace is off to a great start with the acquisition of AM&T, a respected supplier of critical parts and assemblies with machining capabilities including precision CNC machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and waterjet cutting.  We look forward to acquiring companies with differentiated capabilities,” said Mr. Farhi.


“Scott and Simon have extensive merger and acquisition experience in aerospace and defense markets and we look forward to working closely with them to identify and evaluate additional acquisitions.  They are a great fit with our growth strategy,” said Doug Knoch, Managing Director at Shorehill.


Seeking Acquisitions for Tribus Aerospace

Tribus Aerospace is seeking to acquire precision machining companies primarily focused in the aerospace and defense industries.  Please contact Scott Shedd, Simon Farhi or Doug Knoch regarding acquisition opportunities.  Tribus Aerospace is interested in opportunities presented by independent business owners and management or represented by a buy-side or sell-side intermediary.


About Tribus Aerospace Corp.

Tribus Aerospace is an aerospace and defense precision machining company, focused on supplying mission critical components in turbine engine, motion control and flow control applications.  Tribus Aerospace was formed in June 2017 to acquire AM&T.  Located in Poway, California, AM&T specializes in precision CNC machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and waterjet cutting.  For additional information, visit


About Shorehill Capital 

Shorehill Capital is a Chicago-based private equity firm targeting control investments in North American engineered products manufacturers, value-added distributors and industrial service companies with enterprise values up to $150 million. Shorehill seeks opportunities where its experience, network of advisors and investment management approach can have a significant impact on investment performance. The Shorehill partners have a track record spanning more than 25 years of helping middle market companies achieve increased growth and improved operational performance through a structured investment management plan. For additional information, please visit

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