Power Grid Components, Inc.

Headquarters: Bessemer, Alabama

Investment Date: November 2017


Supplier of high quality mission critical products used in the North American electric power grid

Power Grid Components, Inc. was formed in partnership with electric utility products industry veteran Rick McClure to acquire companies that supply products used in the North American electric power grid. Currently, the company supplies high quality porcelain, glass and polymer insulators, as well as instrument transformers for revenue metering and protective relaying to electric utilities, substation manufacturers and other customers who support the grid.

Press Release:
Shorehill Capital Announces the Formation of Power Grid Components, Inc. and the Acquisition of Newell-PSN, LLC and PSN Components, LLC

Add-Ons Completed:
PSN Components, LLC – November 2017
Newell-PSN, LLC – November 2017
Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation – April 2018
Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Company, Inc. – December 2019
Meister International – November 2022

Seeking Add-Ons

Manufacturers and suppliers of products utilized in building and maintaining the North American electric power grid

Shorehill Contact

Dave Hawkins, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

dhawkins@ShorehillCapital.com | (312) 876-0411

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